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Wii Web Design, LLC works with start-up, small to medium sized businesses and non-profits.  Let us help you get noticed on the web.

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Frequently Asked Question

How long will my website take?

That depends on how quickly you can provide the down payment for your project, your branding information, logo, copy, and images.  We will work with you to gather the information needed for your new website.

Do you code or use a template?

We do not code.  We use a very versatile and robust template to create a custom website for you.  This template will make it easy and less expensive to maintain.

Why don't you custom code your websites?

Custom coded websites are very expensive to create and maintain.  Most of our clients are not willing to incur those costs.

How much do you require down to begin a website project?

We require 50% of the estimated project cost.  If your website exceeds the estimated cost, the balance will be added to the end of the project.

When is the balance due expected?

The full balance will be due prior to the website being released.  Once the payment is received, your website will go live.

Why is it important to have total access to my website and domain?

Your domain and website are assets of the company.  If you don’t own the keys to your asset, you can be in danger of loosing that asset and your company’s reputation could be jeopardized.

Do you provide monthly maintenance?

Yes we do because we feel maintaining your presence on the web is important to the security and stability of your website and ultimately your business.

How will I know if I am exceeding the estimated cost of my project?

We will provide you a detailed pricing schedule at the beginning of the project.  You will know exactly what it will cost to reach the desired results at all times as you design the content for your website.

Do you apply card processing fees to the project?

Yes, we do charge a payment convenience fees.

Can you provide additional images and icons if necessary?

We will provide additional images and icons at an additional cost if necessary to complete the project.

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