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Wii Web Design, LLC Disclosure Statement and
Hold Harmless Release Agreement

Wii Web Design, LLC through our website has available links for many cloud service providers to offer clients products and services, that may provide solutions, which your organization can find useful in growing your business.

Some of these product offerings are part of Affiliate Programs offered by the solution providers for which Wii Web Design, LLC is being compensated for any/all client purchases and/or the endorsement of the solution offerings.

Please note that these offerings are provided as possible solutions for your organization and the purchasing of these products through the links provided on the Wii Web Design, LLC website are at the sole discretion of you, the authorized agent for your organization, and you agree to hold harmless, Wii Web Design, LLC, it owners, agents, employees and the like for any undesirable outcomes of any purchases made for the term of the contract for which you, the agent, chose to purchase on behalf of your organization.

These offering are made available as a convenience for our customers ONLY and do not in any way constitute a complete list of offerings available either through Wii Web Design, LLC or in the technology market space. Nor does Wii Web Design, LLC endorse any purchase that is not at the sole discretion of you, our client. Any purchase agreements made are between you, as the agent for your organization, and the Solution Provider of your choosing through the links provided on this website.

*By agreeing to make a purchase though the links provided on the Wii Web Design, LLC website, you agree entirely to all the terms and conditions provided in Wii Web Design, LLC’s Disclosure Statement, as well as, the agreements set forth and provided by the solutions providers.


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